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"In the infinite field of Quantum Energy all potential exists and awaits our intention. Vibrations and sparks collide giving birth to a melodic gift and what lived in unseen dimentions, nowgraciously blesses our existence. Music is ... one of those profound gifts of love and beauty." Eric Byak



Meet Me in the Meadow
“A Journey of the Heart, Mind and Body”
By Christina Lynn Martin

It is no surprise to those of us who have known smooth jazz/fusion guitarist Eric Byak that he was signed this year to an exclusive record deal with Sigh-Tunes (; an on-line streaming direct licensing label that serves world-wide health spas, hotels, and physical therapists.





Laguna Beach, CA - Eric Byak is riding the waves of an enthusiastic August reception at Laguna Beach’s world renowned Pageant of the Masters’ Festival of Arts 2012. Inspired by the festival energy. Eric and friends have spent the last several months completing their new single release “Laguna Breeze”.

Much beloved by devoted fans, Byak is known for his unique take on Brazilian Jazz Fusion. Byak and his recently formed, Quantum Energy band, has just completed his newest renditions of this smooth genre on The Thorns of Barcelona. more here.


In the studio with my music friends Nathan East and Ricky Lawson-- tracking on a few songs on my second CD. What a blessing and honor to work with these guys!


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